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New Projects

Designing security-enhanced, scalable architecture and identifying technology partners for a disruptive data solution.

Developing a technology-enabled craft beverage brand focused on the mobile consumer.

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Past Projects

Read Again This accessible internet design project uses augmentation and mixed modalities to help aging readers dealing with vision and/or hearing loss revisit the joy of reading. The goal is to create experiences for people who love to read but face physiological barriers that make the written word less accessible and enjoyable. Accessible Times is a Read Again app designed for The New York Times Hackathon in 2014. Roles: Product Idea, Product Design, UX Design, Live Pitch

Trends Trends is a simple, free, open source program that uses 311 data to identify pressing issues to address at Community Board meetings. I contributed questions during conversations with Community Board representatives, public officials, and residents and helped clarify a process and use cases for the app. Our developers used the interview insights to build a working back end, including an e-mail news letter. I wrote and pushed descriptive information to Github and helped shape the team's talking points for the Code Across NYC Hackathon, the twenty-four-hour event. Our team of six won the Best Community Board App Award. Roles: UX Researcher, Product Design Team, Pitch Strategy

Spanky Zapp Store Spanky Zapp Store (needs technical updates) provides a humorous learning experience to teach consumers about credit card data security. I conceived and built the app by myself using at the TechCrunch Hackathon in 2013. The app crashed on stage but was the only entry to take an immersive, experiential approach to teaching users about security. Roles: Product Idea, Product Design, UX/UI Design, Mobile Prototype Development, Live Pitch

The Reset The Reset is a project I designed to learn about people who might be locked out of the job market by human resources technology. It provides an interface to collect data about job seekers and the potential to provide feedback to applicants, employers, and other shareholders. I coded the front end snapshot of the app's functionality. I designed the project for the TechCrunch Hackathon in 2014 but did not present. Roles: Product Idea, Product Design, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Technical Research

Buellerly 2nd Place Tiggzi (later to be called Appery) Prize Winner - Buellerly allows teachers to easily track student absences and notify parents in real-time when their child is absent from school. The app immediately sends an SMS text message to parents when a student is absent from school. It will improve student attendance by collecting detailed data to help identify and quantify the most common reasons for absences. Click here for AT&T Aspire article. Idea and name by Julie Setbon. Roles: Technology Strategy, Design

Press Coverage (brief mentions)

Hiro Sitzin Team - A non-partisan voting app Roles: Product Idea, Product Design, UX Design, User Research, Live Pitch

Shop Dida - A personalized shopping app for people who do not like to shop and would rather simply replace their trusty, interchangeable basics. Roles: Product Idea, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development, Live Pitch

Greenbux Trivia Team- An augmented reality gaming app that empowers small minority businesses and community networks to make lifestyle choices while they walk around and discover their neighborhood. Roles: Presentation, Strategy. Product idea, final design, and build by Makazi Mtingwa

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